About us

We are language scholars

Our 20 years of experience on the market have enabled us to build a sound, accurate and reliable structure to meet the linguistic demands of our clients. Our team is made up of language scholars dedicated to delivering the most accurate and updated options of translation and style

We have different language departments

English/Portuguese/English Department
Spanish/Portuguese/Spanish Department (New!)

We are present in Brazil’s main cities

São Paulo (head office), Rio de Janeiro, Recife and Porto Alegre

We have linguistic expertise in a variety of segments for the domestic and international markets

Advertising, Marketing, Market Research, Media and Entertainment, Automotive, Energy, Chemical Manufacturing, Software, Technical, Telecommunications, User Manuals and Websites, Business, E-learning, Education, Financial, Globalization, IT, Medical, and Retail

Quality Policies

We comply with strict quality standards:

Effective interpretation goes far beyond translating the words. When I am observing groups it is key to grasp the why behind the what, and this is in part linked to the tone of what is being said. With The Drake I was struck by the interpreters’ efforts and emphasis on the respondents’ tone of voice and energy, which really helped to understand the feelings behind perceptions. They really care about what they do, and that, combined with top notch interpreting skills, means that I come away from the fieldwork with a real sense of the Brazilian specificity on the project. I simply wouldn’t work with anyone else.”

Kevin Singer | Senior Partner & Global Head of Strategy Practice at Kantar Vermeer

I personally find The Drake's rigour, professionalism & culture-fit to be best-in-class in the industry – a perfect fit for Flamingo.”

Andy Connor | Ex-CEO Flamingo São Paulo

The Drake is a strong team of world class translators. We’ve had the joy of working together for many years and both Simone and her colleagues have enabled the Spinach team to feel deeply connected with Brazilian research participants - not only because they’re highly skilled, but also because they’re highly collaborative and great cultural observers. It’s rare to team up with translators elsewhere in the world who are this dedicated and fun to work with!”

Lucy Morris | Owner Spinach and Market Research Consultant

Enfoque Pesquisa de Marketing has been working with The Drake for 15 years in our innumerous Market Research projects. It is The Drake’s total quality policy that makes us keep this excellent long-term relationship with them, which is also the same reason why they conquered us. Their team is highly skilled, not only in regards to simultaneous interpreting, but also written translations. Additionally, they are punctual, flexible and contribute to our end clients receiving the highest standard services. I consider The Drake a really strong bond in our chain of values and I recommend them to the companies that add value to ‘state of the art’ services from all of their vendors.”

Zilda Knoploch | Enfoque Pesquisa Founder and CEO

For many years, we have been hiring Translations, Simultaneous Interpreting and English Classes from The Drake Language Solutions. During this time, the jobs requested have always been delivered within the stipulated deadlines and with precision and a high level of quality.”

Nelsom Marangoni | President Director at MC15 Consultoria de Pesquisa e Treinamento

I always feel very confident when I start working on an international project and The Drake is resposible for the translation. I feel confident that the client will have an honest translation and will not ask the moderator to reask questions that have already been answered. Not to mention the professionals' kindness and level of awareness of their roles within the projects, they are always very careful not to interefere or give their opinions on the study's findings.”

Mariana Fernandes | Independent Qualitative Researcher

The Drake is a serious company, that adds value to quality and is entirely realiable.”

Luzia Celeste Rodrigues | Director at Sinapses Inteligência

The Drake came to put order into the market.”

Pedro Araújo Carranca | Research Manager at Kantar Millward Brown

We have worked with Simone and her team on a variety of projects – group discussions and in-home visits to many different parts of São Paulo. I have worked in over 25 countries over the last 10 years and Simone is the best simultaneous translator I have worked with and The Drake's team is particularly skilled at bringing to life people’s thoughts, feelings and the reality of their everyday lives in a way that is easy to understand, sympathetic and, where relevant, humorous. They are also very insightful about life in contemporary Brazil and good at explaining the social context that helps to explain both what people are saying and why they are saying it.”

Richard Woods | Founding Partner at Show Consulting, Inc

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