Market research unique characteristics

We are aware of the importance of the main steps that make up a Market Research project:

It is pointless to translate the words if the combination among them does not make any sense!

SIMONE DRAKE | The Drake, Chief Interpreter


Because we fully understand the methodologies, nuances and hierarchy of Market Research, we created our BEST PRACTICE GUIDELINE FOR SIMULTANEOUS INTERPRETATION IN MARKET RESEARCH, which enables us to bridge cultural gaps to make sure our clients understand Brazilian specificities regarding their target, categories and brands, with the same level of quality and alignment among our team members in all our Units.


Our interpreters are trained to understand and respect the dynamics of viewing rooms and booths.


  • Hierarchy in the Viewing Room Visual Aids
  • Stimuli Material
  • The Specificities of a Concept Test
    • Back translation
    • Full attention to the consumers’ first reactions
  • When interpreting consumers, emulate:
    • Different voice nuances
    • Hesitations in their speech
    • The tone and emotion in their voices
    • In addition to whistles, sighs and jingles

We are able to deliver 99% of the spoken content, because we know that in market research every adjective matters.